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Poster: Kittenpuke Date: Apr 11, 2021 9:00pm
Forum: audio Subject: Question on Rave Mixtapes and what is allowed for uploading

I have a question regarding what is allowed and applicable regarding Rave Mixtape being uploaded. I've come across a few websites and even personal DJ sites where they have uploaded their DJ mix tapes / live tapes or collected various tapes from their collections or others for free download and I am currently wondering what is ok to upload with regards to this.
Similar to say how the Rave Archive and Toronto Rave Mixtape collections operate in origin, or the Hip Hop mixtape collections.

As a specific example, I have on my current profile three uploads from DJ Miles Maeda's discography blog in which he has posted his DJ mixes up for FREE download. Under's rules is this ok? (Some of these tapes even show up on the Rave Archive collection).

I apologize greatly if this is a question answerable on the FAQ as i couldn't navigate / find anything answering this and as well was unsure if these uploads Ive made are under the acceptable upload rules.